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Foreign companies doing business in The Netherlands, are likely to be confronted with Value Added Tax (VAT) implications on the transactions and activities they perform. Depending on the type of activities, these companies may be required to register for Dutch VAT purposes. In some cases these companies may also be required to file VAT refund requests.

The Dutch VAT legislation contains several beneficial facilities enabling companies to avoid incurring Dutch VAT. In many cases incurring Dutch VAT will have a negative impact on cash flow and leads to uncertainty as a refund still has to be granted by the Dutch Revenue authorities.

VAT representation
In order to benefit from these VAT facilities, foreign companies need to appoint a VAT representative in the Netherlands. Cableroad Fiscal Agents B.V. offers so-called limited VAT representation services which allow foreign companies to utilize these beneficial VAT facilities immediately without having to register for Dutch VAT purposes.


Cableroad Fiscal Agents your prefered business partner for VAT representative services in the Netherlands

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